Have The Audacity To Take Unique Gifts To A Whole New Level…

The best curated gift boxes are the ones popping with personality and dripping with sass

When you browse our site, don't be shy! We fully expect you to tap into the most captivating side of yourself resulting in a level of sass that even surprises you!

You know you have at least one friend that would truly appreciate your ability to represent their personality in curated gift boxes!

If you’re someone who likes to be in control, go bold and build a custom curated gift box!
1. Choose a box
2. Add the gifts and goods
3. Add the card and write a personalized message

What are you waiting for? Your feisty friends will thank you later…
Build it!
Just say “to hell with it!” and pick a themed box to match your vibe!
Sometimes you need a little inspiration when piecing together the perfect curated gift box.
Fortunately, our inspired boxes are uniquely curated by our talented team delivering a wide range of sassiness! Even some without the sass (no judgement here!) for birthdays, anniversaries, babies, friendships, and so much more!
get inspired

The Teal Box is a company full of sass and success! Our professional team loves to help you build your custom gift box by creating a comprehensive site with the most enormous, high-quality inventory you can imagine.

We Stan for an unforgettable moment full of sarcasm in the best way! Sometimes a sprinkle of profanity and a dash of sass make for the most enticing combination.

Free The Sass

Keeping it small!

At The Teal Box, we value the high-quality products we use to create each box. This is why we source our products from small, mostly women-owned businesses. The blend of premium quality and relatable sass is just what you need to fully express yourself!

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