About Us

The Teal Box is a company that truly believes life is better with sarcasm and a few choice words!

Being a small, women-owned business ourselves, we are always seeking the most fun and unique products from other businesses like ours! With first-rate products from amazing small businesses in every category, when we say your loved ones deserve high-quality gifts, we freakin’ mean it.

We want to bridge the gap between small businesses and you, the customer! We want to share so many hidden gems within the small business community with our valued clients. The intimacy between a small business and its customers is like none other.

Of course, we can't forget the much-needed sass that life brings out of us.

So, maybe your friends have been trying to fit their bold personalities into teeny tiny boxes…

Where’s the fun in that?! Help them embrace their wild personalities with bitchin’ décor!

We operate almost entirely online with a few spirited pop-ups locally here in Washington State. Anytime is the perfect time to show your loved ones you care by giving them a personalized gift box that freely celebrates their unique brand of sass!

We’re excited to see what your creative mind has in store for the next curated gift box.

Welcome to our crazy Teal Box family!